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April 2014



Avitae to Main Campus

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Over the next few weeks, students will begin to see a new brand of energy drinks in dining halls and vending machines around Main Campus.

This new drink, called Avitae, looks and tastes just like water but has added caffeine.

Norm Snyder, a representative for Avitae, said that while the company is not trying to replace any morning cups of coffee, he believes their energy drinks offer a healthy alternative.

“A lot of people load up their coffee with cream and sugar, and they turn a low calorie beverage into an extremely high calorie beverage,” Snyder said. “So instead of having that second or third cup, or fourth cup, go to the ninety milligram, or you could drink the 125. There is something for everyone.”

The drink comes in three different levels of caffeine, a 45 milligram which is equivalent to half of a cup of coffee, a 90 milligram, at a full cup of coffee, and a 125 milligram, which is about a cup and a half. None have calories and are free of carbohydrates.

While Avitae was started in the Midwest, Snyder said the company has begun to move through Philadelphia and is now sold in places like Whole Foods, Wegmans and Walgreens around the city.

“Now with the help of Sodexo, we are now going to go to places like Temple, Villanova, St. Joes and Drexel, and go through the ‘Big Five,’” Snyder said. “And have some fun with it, it’s a brand you can have fun with.”