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February 2014



Tyler professor concludes art display at Tiger Strikes Asteroid gallery

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This weekend marks the end of visual studies and foundations assistant professor Nichola Kinch’s exhibit at the Tiger Strikes Asteroid art gallery.

Her piece, entitled Down the Drain, opened on Feb. 7, as part of her larger body of work, Lithophane Electrotachyscope, but will end this Sunday.

Kinch’s exhibit is also accompanied by a film, which was funded in part by grants from the university.

The piece is centered around an essay written by Matthew Borgen, a professor at Arcadia University. It describes in great detail the environment of Kinch’s bathroom.

Different parts of the exhibit were created to reflect the images he encountered and specifically reflect the movement of water going down the shower drain.

The TSA, located in Suite 2H, at 319A N. 11 St., in the city, is open Saturdays and Sundays from 2-6 p.m., and there is no fee to enter the gallery.